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Jorge Peris
15 October – 17 October 2004

27 Heddon Street London W1B 4BJ

Jorge Peris’ work combines different media and often takes the form of installations that create new environments, which although being real are nevertheless unsettling by destroying the viewer’s sense of familiarity with the space.

For this exhibition, Peris has created a large-scale installation: hidden under a rough architecture, a device of pipes projects water around the space. The viewer is challenged by this disturbing environment and his/her physical reaction to the space is unique. This raises different layers of interpretations, depending on how the audience acknowledge the environment he/she surrounded by.

Peris was born in 1969 in Valencia, Spain. He has exhibited in numerous International group shows; at Jammed Smart Project Space in Amsterdam, Domestico 03 in Madrid and ICA in London. His recent solo shows include Angle Mort, Public>, Paris; Jorge Peris versus Volume!, Volume!, Rome; Esperando el Apagón, Sprovieri, London.

Installation Views

kursk installation view, 2004

installation view, 2004
sprovieri, london